Ancient Brain Reset Method

What is the Ancient Brain Reset Method?

The ancient brain reset method is like a cleanse for your brain.

  • Is your mind feeling cluttered?

  • Do you have trouble with your meditation or mindfulness practice?

  • Do you want to be more focused?

  • Do you want to rid yourself of negative thoughts?

  • Do you want a natural way of healing yourself that doesn’t require meditation or visualization?

Then this newly rediscovered, sound healing therapy could be for you.

Resetting your brain

How Does It Work?

This brain reset method is 100% natural and it’s simple to do. You just listen to the ancient vibrational frequencies and absorb their healing powers.

This system is NOT just another series of guided meditations or brain entrainment audios.

It combines the healing powers of

  • binaural beats (brain entrainment)

  • the healing energy of Qi

  • the latest research in Cymatics (the science of visualizing audio frequencies).

This system was developed by a professional sound healer and vibrational researcher. He and his team spent years in his sound studio trying to recreate the “sound of creation” – an idea advanced by the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras.

In essence, this ancient brain reset method is the result of all their research.

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Is The Brain Reset Method For Me?

If you want to:

  • Clear away negativity

  • Increase your energetic vibration

  • Declutter your mind

  • Improve your meditation or mindfulness practice

then yes, you can benefit from this breakthrough in sound healing.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Ancient Brain Reset Method

It's Immediate.

You will feel the effects immediately as you listen to these sounds -- sounds that have been known to have healing powers for centuries. You will instantaneously begin to clear away negativity, raise your energetic vibration, and reset your brain.

I’ve Listened to “Brain Entrainment” and Other Meditations Before. How is this Different?

Brain reset method

It's Like an In-Person Energetic Healing Session

If you’ve ever experienced sound healing in-person, you'll know that a lot of people talk about how they still feel the “vibrations” even long after the session.

Well... the sound ceremonies in this system not only create a very similar effect, but they also have a reiki or qi healing effect too.

Click the button below to watch the video that explains the power of this sound healing breakthrough.

By clicking the button, you'll get immediate access to the video.

Additional Information about this powerful Brain Reset Method

How to reset your brain

This method is like a comprehensive brain cleanse. It incorporates three powerful healing techniques into one.


Qi (pronounced chee), when translated, literally means air and figuratively means material energy, energy flow or life force.

Qi is actually the central principle in both Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts.

When one practices the habit of cultivating and balancing one's Qi, it is called Qigong.

Qigong (pronounced chee-gung), is both the study and practice of cultivating one's Qi through various methods like breathing techniques, posture, meditation and guided imagery.

No one wants a cluttered and disorderly mind that is eternally concerned with multi tasking, worries and activities that stress it out. This will result in disharmony within the self and will be the potential cause of further damage in the future.

Qigong produces the cultivation of a quiet mind.

This puts into focus the importance of Qi for everybody because Qi energy encompasses both material and immaterial aspects of energy.

This brain reset method utilizes the healing Qi energy as though you’d had an in-person session.


Cymatics is the science of visualizing audio frequencies and is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. It was pioneered by Hans Jenny, a Swiss believer of the anthroposophy philosophical school.

What happens is that, the surface of a plate, membrane or diaphragm is vibrated and elements on these surfaces are displaced visibly in a thin coating of particles.

Different patterns emerge depending on the geometric design of the surface and the driving frequency.

Cymatics has been used for healing and also for art and music.


Brain entrainment is largely credited to Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a Prussian meteorologist, in 1839. Also called Binaural Beats, it is a method that helps in certain disorders and ailments through the hearing of two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency. Then, your brain processes a beat that is the difference of the frequencies.

Binaural means relating to both ears. You play a tone with different frequencies in each ear. Example, 200 Hz (hertz) in one and 210 Hz in the other.

They both travel individually to your inferior colliculus, which is the part of your brain that collects auditory input. The tones are then merged together into a new frequency.

This method has been made possible by advancements in audio technology.

All You Need To Do To Benefit Is Simply Listen To The Audios!